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Founded in 2018, Kaneh-B’s is a research & development company that delivers clinical and preclinical researched CBD & natural compound-based products.

With our experts’ background of 15 years of naturopathic blends and cannabis research, we have developed our products, unique both in the formulation and method of application, realizing the Entourage effect with a unique combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and herbal compounds.

With our distinguished knowledge in this field, and our close collaboration with world-renowned research institutes, hospitals and academic institutions, we aim to optimize the world’s use of cannabis in aiding and curing different physical and behavioural conditions.



All our CBD is derived from hemp and extracted, then mixed with our other premium ingredients to create the products you buy.

All our products are Vegan. No animal products are used as ingredients; our products only contain natural plant oil and chemicals.

All our products are cruelty and animal testing free, meaning down to the ingredients included in our product; no animal testing has been conducted.

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